1-km climate classification maps


We present new global maps of the Köppen-Geiger climate classification at an unprecedented 1-km resolution for the present day (1980–2016) and for projected future conditions (2071–2100) under climate change.

The present-day map is derived from an ensemble of four high-resolution, topographically-corrected climatic maps; the future map is derived from an ensemble of 32 climate model projections (scenario RCP8.5), by superimposing the projected climate change anomaly on the baseline high-resolution climatic maps.


A zip file with the maps can be downloaded here. The data and code are released under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license and thus may not be used for commercial purposes. The maps can be visualized and analyzed using most Geographic Information Systems (GIS) packages, including QGIS, ArcGIS, and GRASS. The zip file also includes a legend.txt file linking the numbers with the classes. Please cite the following paper when using the maps in any publication: