High-resolution bias-corrected weather data for the past, present, and future

GloH2O’s groundbreaking Multi-Source Weather (MSWX) product provides a seamless global high-resolution meteorological data record from 1979 to 7 months from now by combining the best data sources for each time-scale

Our mission

GloH2O leverages the latest developments in machine learning, remote sensing, and modeling to produce the highest quality climate and weather data products. We help organizations recognize, understand, and manage present and future hydro-meteorological risks at any scale, from global to regional to local. Because we are committed to serving the common good, we release our products for free for non-commercial use. Please contact us if you would like more information on any of our products.

Our products


Precipitation estimates with unparalleled accuracy by merging gauge, satellite, and model data


Accurate past, present, and future weather data for any location based on state-of-the-art datasets


Regionalized parameter maps for the conceptual hydrological model HBV covering the entire land surface


Maps of the precipitation probability distribution based on the latest satellite and reanalysis datasets


Observation-based maps of streamflow characteristics produced using artificial neural networks


High-resolution maps of the Köppen-Geiger climate classification for historic and future conditions


Precipitation climatologies corrected for gauge under-catch using river discharge observations

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